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About Curts Corn

Curt's Gourmet Popcorn is a local, family-owned business in Madison, WI. Unlike the other guys, each popcorn order is packaged and sent within days of when the popcorn was popped, giving you a snack that tastes almost as fresh as if you popped it yourself.

Taste the Difference

Our flavored popcorn is made with coconut oil. We use carefully formulated recipes improved over the years, and quality ingredients to give our customers the best tasting product possible.

Until now, Curt's Gourmet Popcorn was only found on The Square in Madison, providing quick, tasty snacks for the local residents, workers, and visitors. If you've been craving Curt's Gourmet Popcorn, you can now buy it online! We'll take your order, package and ship it to you within a few days!

Taste the difference of Curt's Gourmet Flavored Popcorn! Start Shopping!

Got an Idea for New Flavor? We are able to produce any flavor and willing to try to make any new ones our customers can imagine. Tell us your idea!

Our History

Curt's Gourmet popcorn started in 1985, in a stand Curt built with his father Walter Roeming. Located on the Square in downtown Madison WI on the corner of East Washington and Pinckney until 2005 (22 years) until Construction in the area caused it to be relocated to various spots. Curt's corn has been serving the downtown business people during the week for over 27 years. In 2008 purchased a new stand which made its debut the spring of 2009, which is one of the stands seen on the square today.

In 2011 a second stand made it's debut on the square named after Curt's father Wally, It is named Wally's Wandering popcorn stand.

During this time different recipes for flavored corn specifically caramel and cheese were being tested and developed into the unique recipes used today. Originally it started as fresh popped gourmet popcorn. Expanded to cheese and caramel and now in the last year Curt's Gourmet popcorn now makes a wide variety of flavors all popped, packed and shipped fresh to you.

In 1986 Curt's Gourmet popcorn had such a strong following he was asked to participate in concerts on Square in downtown Madison. This is a fund raising event for the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra that occurs 6 weeks every July and August. Serving Gourmet white popcorn, cheese popcorn, caramel corn, and combinations of them. This past year we introduced other gourmet flavors such as peanut butter and jelly and chocolate covered cherry.